Fog-O-Ween '99
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FogFest 7/3/1999
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Fog-O-Ween '99

Because of the amazingly warm weather, and because Dr. Dude is a glutton for punishment, FOG moved (temporarily) from being a basement band to being a garage band!  Once again thanks go out to Eric Pritchard, who brought over a tricky selection of Pritchard Amps treats for us to sample.

It was an amazingly good jam.  Among the highlights were: 

  • A couple of mean saxophone solos from the guest soundman, Nick. 
  • A really cool Alice Cooper adventure based on "The Ballad of Dwight Fry".
  • A pretty good jam of the FOG theme song.
  • A special guest appearance by Robert Plant?  Who was that hairy guy?   Sure didn't sound like Robert Plant...  Too bad we didn't get a picture of him..
  • Nobody called the cops.
  • We didn't blow anything up!
garage.jpg (45149 bytes)
Here's most of the boys, kicking out the jams.
foggroup.jpg (54309 bytes)
A full band shot! (Yes we know there are six people here, but as far as band names goes, we don't think SOG quite cuts it.)
hairy.jpg (49792 bytes)
Hairy Terry Frendzel keeping time!  Hey, he looks a little bit like Robert Plant!  We didn't know Robert had a brother that plays the drums.