FogFest 7/3/1999
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FogFest 7/3/1999
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Well, FOG finally came out of the basement!  If you came to the FOGFEST, thanks for your support.  If you didn't make it, we're sorry to have missed you.   FOG managed to overcome all kinds of technical difficulties and sweltering heat to bang out a few tunes before blowing up the monitor amp.  Huge thanks go out to Eric Pritchard of Pritchard Amps, who was kind enough to loan us some of his prototypes.  But on top of that we need to thank Eric for inviting Dave Conkle (I hope I spelled his name right).  Basically Eric and Dave saved the show (and FOG's asses) from complete failure.  Many thanks must also go out to the FOG wives and families, without whom there would not have been a FOGFEST, and Marti Q. for taking these great photographs.

We did manage to get a videotape of the show, so there's a chance for some sound samples.  Also, I hope to put up the actual abridged set list.

Some Photos:

ff1.jpg (71614 bytes)

FOGFEST finally starts!  By the way, all the smaller amps in front were there for decoration/advertisement.  All the amps with the tweed covers (in front and in back) were supplied by Pritchard Amps.

ff2.jpg (64216 bytes)

I'm not sure what this expression means.

ff3.jpg (52809 bytes)

ff4.jpg (71907 bytes)

The towel was supposed to keep me cool, and free from sunburn,  at least it kept me cool.

ff5.jpg (77685 bytes)

The full stage.  No audience?  They were all hiding in the shade.

ff6.jpg (59501 bytes)

JAQ acoustic set.

ff7.jpg (73693 bytes)

Dr. Dude giving me a little help with backup vocals.

michael.jpg (58902 bytes)

My son, doing his best impersonation of Daddy's Acoustic set, and my daughter in her official concert t-shirt.