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Who is FOG?

Paul "Dr. Dude" Quarantillo (Lead Guitar, Vocals) - My brother. He's the founding member of FOG, we play at his house and he owns 90% of the equipment.  He's the most talented of the bunch.  Loves his Zeppelin.  Send him some mail.
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Mark ("I'm not named after a comic strip") Trail (Bass Guitar, Recording Engineer) - He's the second old guy to join the FOG fold.  Mark loves his heavy metal.  I'll link you to his e-mail soon.

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Keith "Sammy" Unger (Rhythm Guitar) - Don't ask him about the nickname.  Keith is the rhythm master.  He loves his SG.   Send Keith some e-mail.
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Terry "Fred" Frendzel (Drums, and sometimes Harmonica!) - He's the glue that keeps us from falling completely apart.  Fred can rock (but he'll tell you he doesn't know how to play anything.)  Fred got a new stool, now he just rocks on the drums, not off his stool.  You can email Terry if you want.
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Me John A. "JAQ" Quarantillo (Guitbass, Basitar, Vocals)  As I live 90 miles from FOG HQ, I don't get to rock with the guys much.  I basically get by on my Guitbass.  I like to kid Dr. Dude that I'm sitting at the "kiddie table" when we jam.  Note the size of the amp behind me, compared to the stack behind him.  That's OK though, as my mistakes are nice and quiet.  I do get to sing with the big boys.  Send me some mail.
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jimmy.jpg (20030 bytes)

Jimmy, the latest addition to FOG.  Now, when we all show up, there are SIX old guys!  As you can see, Jimmy plays guitar (lead and rhythm).  Send Jimmy some fan mail!!
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Lead Face

Dr. Dude tearing out a nice lead.  Too bad this is a profile shot, he makes great faces.


This shot shows how fast the amazing Guitbass player is... HA!  (actually I just liked the blurry effect of the shot.)

Here we are doing one of our patented FOG tight endings (we occaisionally all end at the same time!!!)

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