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New FOG Band Photo! (circa 2001)

Welcome to the homepage of F.O.G., an amazing rock band from the back hills of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  FOG stands for Four Old Guys (except during cameo appearances of honorary OG, me, JAQ, the FOG webmaster, then it stands for Five Old Guys!). 


  • new.gif (144 bytes)(10/14/2001) After 2 years of neglect, finally a FOG webpage update.  (New Band Photo on this page).  More to come...
  • (10/29/1999) FOG-O-Ween!  Once again, FOG actually plays somewhere other than FOG HQ. (OK, so we just moved up one floor and played outside.) See the FOG-O-Ween page to read about it. 
  • (10/29/1999) Added a photo of Jimmy to the Meet FOG Photo Gallery.
  • (07/06/1999) FOG actually plays somewhere other than FOG HQ. See the FOGFEST Page to read about it.  
  • (not sure on the actual date) We have a new OG, Jimmy.  When we all show up, the OG head count is six!   Seeing as SOG isn't nearly as cool a band name as FOG, we're not gonna change the name. 
  • (5/19/1999) New News! FOG Mailing list established. See the News Page to read about it.   Click below to join.
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