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  • Pritchard Amps - Eric Pritchard, of Pritchard Amps is one of FOG's best friends.  Eric will occasionally let us test drive some of his incredible line of amplifiers, and we rock even harder.  Pritchard Amps are so great, they even make FOG sound good!!!!  He also is nice enough to work on our guitars and amps and things when we break them!
  • Berkeley Springs, WV - The quirky little town where all the members of FOG grew up.  Some of us never left!  Some even came back!
  • Berkeley Springs High School - All the members of FOG graduated from this school.  (Although I'm not sure they'd claim us.)
  • The World of Basitar and Guitbass - A place to find out just what these instruments are all about.
  • The Q Page - The personal web page of the FOG webmaster, and Guitbass player.