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FogFest 7/3/1999
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Fog-O-Ween '99


  • new.gif (144 bytes)(10/29/1999) FOG-O-Ween!  Once again, FOG actually plays somewhere other than FOG HQ. (OK, so we just moved up one floor and played outside.) See the FOG-O-Ween page to read about it. 
  • new.gif (144 bytes)FOGFEST actually comes off!  Beleive it or not, FOG 'comes out' of the basement and plays outside!   See the FOGFEST page for photos, and details.
  • new.gif (144 bytes)FOGROCKS mailing list established on   This mailing list was established mainly to facilitate communication among the members of FOG, but anyone can join.  What is a mailing list?  Here's how it works:
  1. People subscribe to the list by clicking the link below and following the directions to subscribe.

    Click to subscribe to fogrocks

  2. After subscribing, if you send an email to, it will be sent to all that have subscribed.
  • FOGSTOCK?   FOG is in the early planning stages for an outdoor concert to occur Summer 1999.    Keep checking here for dates and locations.
  • (03/10/1999) FOG has acquired some new equipment, and plans to put it to use.  FOG HQ is now equipped with an Alesis Studio 32 mixer, and a Q20 signal processor.   We're hoping we can figure all this stuff out in time for a recording session (rescheduled for 4/2/1999).  Look for a few new items on the music page.
  • (12/01/1998) FOG has made the cut!  A FOG track will appear on the tribute to The Presidents of the United States of America, "Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen"! Go here to read about the tribute album.  You will also be able to order the album from there, when it is ready (hopefully it will be available on CD.)  FOG did "Lump" for the album.  Keeping with FOG tradition, the recording was done live (no overdubs or studio tricks).  Also keeping with FOG tradition, the recording was made the second time FOG had ever played the song together.