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Here is the update archive, for those of you who really care when things happened.

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2001 -- February - April - June - August - September - October - November - December --(newer stuff is Still on the Home page)

December 2001

(12/04/2001) Christmas is coming to Chris.Ballew.net...
(12/04/2001) The Chris Ballew Tribute Album, titled: Blank Babies: A Tribute To The Music Of Chris Ballew, announces its new website!!!!

November 2001

(11/29/2001) Sorry things are a bit slow around here...  We do want to announce that there will be a Chris Ballew Tribute Album in the works...  for more info, join the PUSA mailing list below.

October 2001

(10/10/2001) OK, it is up, the 5th annual Chris Ballew "State of Chris Ballew" interview
(10/09/2001) Coming REAL SOON... the latest interview with Chris...
(10/06/2001) Thanks to Ben Gurner, attentive fan from the PUSA mailing list, we have this to share with you: A Chris and TAD Review/feature from KCTS (which includes a really cool video stream.)

September 2001

(09/23/2001) Chris is no longer stuck in NYC
(09/12/2001)  in case you were wondering... Chris is ok:

I am safe and stuck in NY city....

Thanks for checking in!


(09/07/2001)  Chris and Tad ROK the Right Coast!  And Q Catches the Show!

August 2001

(08/04/2001) PUSA will NOT be playing at the Reading Festival, sorry.  A rumour, (started by the festival's website) that "The Presidents" were playing is not true.

June 2001

(06/01/2001) FOAS DVD Available check out some vidcaps!!!

April 2001

(04/29/2001) Updated the Gigs section, adding a May 1st show

(04/24/2001) Added the Gigs section

(04/23/2001) Added a new section to the Gallery, Giraffes Pics

(04/20/2001) The latest update from Chris... (do take a moment to read, some really cool newz in there...  right raggy?)

(04/19/2001) VCR ALERT!!!!  (For all you Seattleites or those who can access via satellite???)
    Straight from Chris...

CHRIS AND TAD will be on KCPQ channel 13 on
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25TH during the 8am hour...

We are gonna play all the music in and out of commercials (bumpers)
and play a song or two at about 8:45am
So early to be so MOD
Set your VCRs and enjoy music of your lifetime!!!

(04/16/2001) This surfaced in late March on the PUSA mailing list, we forgot to tell you.  Chris Maguire made a really cool flash video to "Meanwhile Back in the City".  Definitely would've won something if he was around during the 'art contest'.

(04/15/2001) The BIG update is underway.... Things will be moving and shaking around here...

 In the meantime use your favorite file sharing program, and put this in the search:  artist: Lee Kernaghan Title: Lump.  While you're downloading, go read about it here (that's a busy message board, you'll have to go a few pages back...., look for the post from "Jack Q").

(04/??/2001) DAMN!!!  We hit 20,000 without a contest?????????????  Gotta do something for 25,000...

February 2001

(02/07/2001) Thanks to Chris, we can catch up on the last two months.  Read Chris' update.


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November 2000

(11/22/2000) Added the Mike Lyon Review of the new Chris And Tad CD.

(11/21/2000) Added the FREE ROK! section.  Go there, get free ROK!

(11/18/2000) Added "Chris and Tad" Page with sound samples of the upcoming release from Orange Recordings "Hand Me That Door".

(11/13/2000) CBS's Late Late Show jumps the gun leaving many Mad PUSA fans, hear what you missed.

(11/01/2000) Photos from "The Giraffes" live Halloween gig 10/28/00.

October 2000

(10/31/2000) Cool PUSA interview on Nirve.com

(10/26/2000) Free MP3 download  of "I'm Mad" from the new PUSA album Freaked Out And Small

(10/21/2000) VCR ALERT!!!!! MTV's All Star Update....TONIGHT 9PM (Eastern)

Ok, we heard (I think from Sal/Tom/Yoda, who may later be named STY because I'm tired of typing Sal/Tom/Yoda) that MTV had done some taping with Chris for a show that was gonna be similar to VH1's "Where are they now?". No one was too clear on the name of the show...

Before you get too excited and ask me if I taped what I saw, sadly no, but read on...

(10/21/00) about 1PM Eastern Time-

So, Mr. Q pops on MTV today (as he often does on weekends) and sees Mr. Anthony Ray AKA Sir Mix-a-Lot, talking about "Baby got Back" and such, so I assumed it was another rerun (as MTV often does) of the "Uncensored" show on "One-Hit-Wonders" which featured Mix, and then showed some footage of SUbSET recording studio stuff. Well, I was wrong, cuz this was more in-depth with Mix and then showed all 3 prezzies hanging in Mix's home studio.

That was pretty cool...

But then..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They start in with footage about Chris Ballew, brief history of PUSA, complete with interviews of Dave Thiele, baby, grade school, and high school pictures of Chris....

Then you see wedding photos, Augie baby pix etc.

Now we are in the present.....

Footage of Chris and Augie digging up bugs in the back yard.... Shots of his stuff in the EMP museum in Seattle.... (which Mike Lyon recently saw and told us about...) Exceptionally cool footage of Chris(on guitar) and Augie (on drums) making up songs in the basement. Footage of a Giraffes live show, more and more and more.

I checked the MTV website, and they do not mention the show under any of the 'shows' lists. But if you look at today's schedule, you'll see "All Star Update" at 12:00 noon, and at 9 PM (eastern time). The smart money sez that tonight will be a repeat of what I saw today. (as MTV and VH1 often do) You know I'll be cued (ready to tape) and glued (to the TV, to watch, again)



(10/17/2000) Announcing "The Froggystyle Challenge".  For those of you who don't have napster, you can get ALL 10 Froggystyle MP3's by completing the challenge.  Those of you who already have the songs can compete for bragging rights.

(10/15/2000) "FroggyStyle" (The original PUSA Demo Tape) surfaces on Napster!  These were recorded from a copy other than Mike Lyon's, so now we know where 2 of the 100 yellow copies are!!!

(10/04/2000) Read Mike Lyon's abridged account of the PUSA "World Tour" show, taped 10/01/2000, at Jupiter Studios in Seattle.


  1. The 'other' mike P, Zoe, and our own Mike Lyon got to see the PUSA "World Tour" being taped, expect a full feature story as soon as Mike L. recovers from his travels.

  2. Here's a cool contest to win a snowboard and some PUSA stuff: 

September 2000

(09/22/2000) Mike P of WTBU in Boston, Mass and Chris.Ballew.net exchange Plugs!!  See Project Airplay.

(09/21/2000) The transcript from Chris' chat on 09/19/2000

(09/20/2000) After the chat dust clears...

This is the Q summation, hope it helps:

(we will have the transcript from the Chris Ballew chat up in a day or so, Yahoo tends to take a while...)

PUSA will do a World Tour soon!!! PUSA will do a webcast early October (watch MusicBlitz for details)
PUSA will be on Late Night with David Letterman on Election Day PUSA will NOT be on Late Night with David Letterman on Election Day
The Giraffes will do a World Tour soon!!! The scope of the Giraffes' tour will be dependent on sales, starting with a West Coast stint.  Chris said he'd love to get back to Australia and Japan, but that'd be a LOT of sales...!

(09/18/2000) time for the Chris Ballew Chat is now 9:30 EST/6:30 PST, Tuesday 09/19/2000)!


  1. In case you missed PUSA on CBS's "Late Late Show" this Thursday night, go here.

  2. Two online chats coming up:

 Chris Ballew Chats Online 09/19/2000! 

The fun starts Tuesday at 10/est, 7/pst...and ends....well..when Chris gets tired of typing...

The site is www.sportchat.org got to chat, then where it says channel put Orange

Or if you have Mirc the server is irc.sportchat.org

Please come, and spend a night with Chris!

PUSA Chat Online with Yahoo! 09/18/2000

Join Chris, Dave, and Jason Monday, September 18th at 9:30pm ET and 6:30pm PT only at chat.yahoo.com.  Go here for more info.

(09/11/2000) Most everyone has received their FanEdition of the new PUSA CD "Freaked out and Small".  Go here and post a review and read what others have to say!!!

(09/04/2000) The Giraffes Played Bumbershoot Today!  Read the Setlist, hear a few songs.  Check back later for more songs and a full review.

(09/01/2000) Another Multiple update day!

  1. Preview the New PUSA Video for "Tiny Explosions" at MusicBlitz.com. 

  2. A fan's report on PUSA's Little album release discussion at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle 08/31/00.

August 2000

(08/29/2000) PUSA/Chris/Dave/Jason/etc... featured in an MTV news article!

(08/28/2000) MORE NEW STUFF?  Hell Yeah!!!--

LINT ON THE CAKE - The 4th annual Mike Lyon / Chris Ballew interview!

(08/24/2000) Happy 10,000 hits to US!!!!! 10k-640x480.jpg (76659 bytes)  Not bad for just over 1 year.

(08/23/2000) OK FANS, We've got a job for you!  Project Airplay!  Get PUSA played!!!  We NEED YOUR help!!!  Go to this page for all the info and some results.

(08/22/2000) Added a link to allow people to join the pusa mailing list at Egroups.com.


  1. Added the lyrics to "Tiny Explosions" to the Lyric archive

  2. Added two more songs to the "improv" section.

  3. Anybody find the "easter Eggs" in there yet? 

(08/17/2000) :  

  1. We reorganized the sounds section, adding the new "Improv" section, expect to find some fun samples there.

  2. Chris just finished mixing the latest GiRaffes album

  3. VCR alert!  "My Date With the President's Daughter" will air on Disney Friday, August 18th at 2 PM and 8:30 Pm EST.  PUSA does the theme song at the end.

(08/09/2000) Updated news about PUSA Reforming

(08/06/2000) Straight from Chris:


(08/01/2000)  so, you were too slow to get in on the "Fan Edition", or didn't want to shell out $25?  Well you can pre-order "Freaked Out And Small" from cdnow.  Just click on either the old (Left) or new and final (right) album cover below.


June 2000

(06/28/2000)  THE Day ALL PUSA fans have been waiting for!!! Yes the boys (now called "The Presidents") are releasing a new CD!!!  Hit the Banner below to get in on the "Fan Edition".


May 2000

(05/29/2000) Happy Birthday Chris!!!  (ok, he was born yesterday)

(05/05/2000) Check out our Latest COOL Contest!  With even COOLER Prizes!!!!

April 2000

(04/22/2000) Added scan of insert and Mike Lyon's Review of "Froggystyle", the original PUSA demo Tape.  Read it here!

(04/08/2000) "Froggystyle", the original PUSA demo, surfaces on eBay!  Read all about it!

(04/05/2000) Fresh from the rumor mill, Chris ballew Music featured on Seattle KIRO7 T.V.'s "The John Report with Bob",  Read all about it here.

March 2000

(03/14/2000) Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviews and remarks on SUbSET.  Go Here to read what they have to say.

(03/??/2000) Chris.Ballew.net approaches FIVE THOUSAND Hits!!!  Go here to see our cool little prize for the 5kth visitor.

February 2000

(02/??/2000) Ex-President Discusses Subset (Confirming PUSA Reform Rumors!!!!!!)

(02/??/2000) Subset Tour announced!!!  Read about it here.

02/26/2000 - "Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen" - The Presidents of the United States of America Tribute Album is set to be released on Froggie Leap Day!  (02/29/2000)  Go to the Tribute page to check it out.

02/21/2000 - Song by Song Review of The Giraffes - The Days Are Filled With Years  (as reviewed by Mike Lyon.)

02/18/2000 -  The new Giraffes  CD is due TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go here for sound samples.

02/11/2000 - the Latest Interview with Chris Ballew.

02/04/2000 - Release Date set for "The Days are Filled With Years"  Chris' second Giraffes album/cd.  This one is set to drop on 02/18/2000 from Orange Recordings.  Visit Their Giraffe page for a link to info on pre-ordering.

02/04/2000 - Go Visit Alex Malloy's Back Porch and sign the petition to get PUSA back.


January 2000

01/24/2000 - PUSA Re-formed?????  Check out The Quitters.   Later the same day, Lyrics to "Jupiter."

01/22/2000 - Chris Ballew - Success On A Two-String (Bass Player Magazine, March 1997) Not exactly new, but we'd never seen this article on any of the PUSA websites, and it is a damn fine article, explaining the whole PUSA instrumentation thing, and a fair amount of Ballew history.

1999 -- April - July - August - September - October - November - December  

December 1999

12/22/1999 - The BBS is back!  And with a vengeance!  It seems that every message since September has been hiding!  We've resurrected all of them (including Four or five from Chris!) and posted replies.

12/19/1999 - The Second Coming of the Giraffes exclusive News about Chris' upcoming solo release! 

12/19/1999 - Still trying to resurrect the ailing BBS  Sorry if you posted recently, all is not lost, just not sure if we can put humpty back together without losing a few pieces.

12/14/1999 - Added the lyrics to Gone again Gone to the lyrics Section!

12/12/1999 - Added the Christmas Section! 

November 1999

11/09/1999 - Added the Stuff Section where you can buy Stuff directly from Chris. 

11/04/1999 - NEW NEWS!!!, added to the news section.  This news is Direct from Chris, the latest info on his current musical projects.  Also added the final photo to the About Us section. 

October 1999

10/28/1999 - Added 2 photos to the About Us section. 

10/18/1999 - SUbSET was on MTV!  We've put up a brief description of things here

10/15/1999 - Added Chris Ballew's mini-review of the 10/8 and 10/9/1999 SUbSET shows at the Crocodile. 

10/13/1999 - Added a new doodle to the Doodles portion of the gallery section.  

10/06/1999 - Added an amazing tattoo of a doodle to the Doodles portion of the gallery section.

10/01/1999 - tHE REST of THE answers FOR the Exclusive interview Chris is doing for Chris.Ballew.net!

September 1999

9/28/1999 - First installment of answers on the Exclusive interview Chris is doing for Chris.Ballew.net!

9/28/1999 - SUbSET Pics now in the Gallery!

9/2/1999 - Added song by song comments to the SUbSET set list.  Added a new page, referencing all the SUbSET stuff on this site. 

9/1/1999 - Added "Ribby Rib" (both the original Caspar Demo, and a live recording of SUbSET from their "Pain in the Grass" performance) to the Sounds page. 

August 1999

8/24/1999 - A new feature on chris.ballew.net, chronicling the travels of one of our webmasters to Seattle, where he intends to see SUbSET.

08/16/1999 - SUbSET is a Feature band on Seattlesounds.com!  Go there to see a cool article, a great picture and download some MP3's!!!!  Thanks to Andy Savage of KNDD, The End for this link!.

08/06/1999 - Added 4 songs to the sounds page, Telepathic Cathy from the Supergroup single, Twig and Untitled 1 from the Caspar and Mollusk single, and Beach Rats from a SUbSET radio show.

Also added a new article about the Mark Sandman Tribute Concert.

July 1999

07/22/1999 - Site goes up (for real!)

April 1999

04/20/1999 - Feeble attempt at starting the site.


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