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What is the rest of the world saying about Chris?


Interview with Chris Ballew, by Bryan Baker of Gajoob.
Musician's Transition Alert! Chris Ballew Releases Solo Album Quasi-Incognito, from Musiciansonline.
Ex-Presidents Of The U.S.A.'s Chris Ballew Gets Wacky With Giraffes, by Tina Johnson of cdnow's AllStar News.
Ex-President Chris Ballew Explains The Giraffes, a follow-up from CDNOW's AllStar News.
interview with Chris Ballew ii, by Mike Lyon of 30 Ft. Smurfs.
Chris Ballew reviews Ringo Starr's Vertical Man from Rockboss.
Subset Interview from Rocket magazine.
Morphine's Mark Sandman Collapses And Dies Onstage Article about Mark Sandman's Death from Allstar.
Morphine Frontman Remembered as 'An American Original'   Another article from Rolling Stone.
Ex-Presidents Of The USA Leader Eulogizes Late Morphine Singer: Sonicnet's article about Chris Ballew performing at a Mark Sandman tribute
Mark Sandman Memorial Concert Finalized by Carrie Borzillo of CDNOW's AllStar News.
Reveiw of BicycleWall of Sound mentions Chris Ballew in reference to his production duties on 'Bicycle'.
Introducing Bicycle's Traveling Road Show By Don Kaye of CDNOW's AllStar News.
Local Musicians Bid Fond Farewell to Morphine's Mark Sandman by Lisa Moore of CDNOW's AllStar News.
Exclusive interview Chris is did for Chris.Ballew.net!
Chris Ballew's mini-review of the 10/8 and 10/9/1999 SUbSET shows at the Crocodile.
SUbSET was on MTV!  We've put up a brief description of things here.
The Latest news from Chris (10/99) about his current projects (as emailed to Mike lyon.)
The Second Coming of the Giraffes - (as reported by Chris.Ballew.net)
Chris Ballew - Success On A Two-String (Bass Player Magazine, March 1997) Not exactly new, but we'd never seen this article on any of the PUSA websites, and it is a damn fine article, explaining the whole PUSA instrumentation thing, and a fair amount of Ballew history.

02/11/2000 - the Latest Interview with Chris Ballew.

Ex-President Discusses Subset (Confirming PUSA Reform Rumors!!!!!!)




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