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B-shoot 2000

 The Giraffes second album is due 02/18/2000!

The upcoming release of Chris Ballew solo material will be released on Orange Recordings, as the follow-up to the first Giraffes release!  The Scheduled release date is 02/18/2000, and will be titled:

"The Days Are Filled With Years"  

You Want to buy this CD???  Go here to get it direct from Orange recordings, Be Sure to tell Ron we sent you!  Or, go here and get it from CDNOW.


(proposed cover art)  This is a photo of Chris' son, Augie.







Read a Track by Track Review by Mike Lyon


Track Listing -

1 Giraffes In The Underworld  
2 Kill the Cake   mp3 Sample
3 Black Shadow  MP3 sample
4 Drunk On The Sweepings  
5 Easy Phantom  
6 Gone Again Gone
(different than the Liquid Audio version by Moveable Bubble)
 MP3 Sample
7 When She's Drunk
MP3 Sample
8 Bone Dry  
9 Cypress Ghost
MP3 Sample
10 Mess of Doubt
MP3 Sample
11 Room Forever  
12 Burned By A Summer  
13 Headphone Sunset  

(a personal comment from q)
Judging from the song titles, and after listening to the Liquid audio version of Gone Again Gone, we could be in for a whole new side of Chris that we don't really know well.  We all know the happy, smiling, goofy guy who sings about bugs and animals.  The first Giraffes album gave us a glimpse at the darker, more serious side of Chris' Music.  We'll see where he goes with this one in February...  (No matter what, we know it'll be good music!)

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