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WARNING!  we have droPped Chris.Ballew.net

 we will continue as  chrisballew.net

Welcome to chrisballew.net!

This is the semi-official place to get all the info you can on the ever changing musical career of Mr. Chris Ballew.

  well Chris Dave and Jason are doing it again!!!! (see the updates...)  

oh yeah, the sounds section is still snafu...(reconstruction is slow....)
(We just moved the whole site to a new server...)


12/09/2003 - Again, more gigs added, hurry some are current!!!!

09/26/2003 - Tons more gigs added!!!!

09/24/2003 - Added a scrapbook from the Santa Ana show.

08/27/2003 - Tons of gigs added.

08/14/2003 - San Diego 9/7 gig confirmed, Santa Ana 9/6 added.

08/01/2003 - San Diego 9/7 gig added.

07/16/2003 - St Louis show CANCELLED ...ouch!!! details

07/14/2003 - Added a review of the Capitol Hill Block Party gig.

07/08/2003 - The updates are fast and furious...  Check out the new official PUSA site!  PresidentsRock.com

07/08/2003 - Added a scrapbook from the Charlotte gig.

07/07/2003 - Midwest feeling left out?  See the Gigs page.  A new date added... ...hurry!!!

06/30/2003 - PUSA drummer, Jason Finn, breaks his ankle "defending home plate." Until Jason heals, rhythm duties will be in the capable hands of PUSA's longtime stage tech, Mike Musburger.  Astute fans may remember Mike's name as the drummer for the human incarnation of "The Giraffes."  

06/12/2003 - Added reviews and pics to the Scrapbook for the Roanoke show.  

06/08/2003 - Started the Scrapbook for the Fairfax Show, including a quicktime version of "Dueling Banjos"!!  

06/07/2003 - CELEBRATE FAIRFAX Rained Out!  Postponed until tomorrow @12:30 (CONFIRMED!!!...)

06/05/2003 - Added a quicktime version of the opening song to the Scrapbook for the Roanoke show.  

06/04/2003 - Started the Scrapbook from the Roanoke show.  Photos, link to MP3s and a video of the opening song.  

05/18/2003 - ANOTHER GIG ADDED!!!!  Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle, WA.  See the Gigs page.  

05/14/2003 - MORE GIGS!!!!  Fairfax, VA and Plymouth, MA.  See the Gigs page.  

05/04/2003 - Setlist/mini-review and photos from the Princeton Tower Club Gig.

04/28/2003 - A Contest!!!!  Get on the guest list for the Princeton Gig!!!!   Details  (deadline for entry is 4/30 8PM Eastern time).

04/28/2003 - More dates and details!!! See the Gigs page.  Firm details on the Princeton gig, and some links for the Roanoke show.

04/25/2003 - More dates and details!!! See the Gigs page.  We may need to repeal the WARNING !!! about the Princeton Tower Club gig...

04/22/2003 - WARNING !!! See the Gigs page for some crummy details about the Princeton Tower Club gig...

04/09/2003 - More Shows added to the Gigs section.  We forgot to tell you about some important stuff....

Chris finally opened up his own website, ChrisBallew.com!  Check it out, it's really cool, loaded with sound clips, and you can order Chris' latest solo release My First Computer.

04/03/2003 - PUSA Plays with Krist Novoselic at the 2003 Northwest Impact Awards show (The show was 4/2/03 at the Westin in Seattle)  (Photos from soundcheck).

03/28/2003 - More Shows added to the Gigs section

02/28/2003 - Shows added to the Gigs section, (TX, and WA)

02/28/2003 - Sorry, the NE Gigs were a bust, (didn't pan out.)  Keep posted, Spring/Summer mebbe?

01/05/2003 - Happy New Year from PUSA to the NorthEast USA!!!

-More details by the end of the week, but what we've got right now is this "Vermont and Buffalo and Albany...at the end of Jan..."

12/31/2002 - PUSA Reunite yet again and rock in 2003 at ThePUSA New Years Eve.jpg (113107 bytes) Crocodile Cafe!!!   (More to come...)  Here is Jason's set list, the actual set the boys played is said to have differed a bit...  Also, for you fans of string impaired instruments, the beloved basitar and guitbass are again in use!!!!!

10/30/2002 - MTV NEWS reports that there's LOTS of Presidential activity on the Potential Horizon!!  Check out the story on MTV NEWS.

07/07/2002 - Check out the new Chris and Tad Website!!!  

06/25/2002 - 2 more New gigs added!!

06/22/2002 - New gig added!!  Hurry, it is SOON!!!  Thursday, 6/27 at the Market Theater.  Check the Gigs section for more details...

06/02/2002 - Are you Jonesing for some 5-string ROK???   ***no, PUSA is not reforming again*** ....BUT....  there's a cool band in the Netherlands called MOMO, they started as a PUSA Tribute band, but are now churning out Power-Pop in the PUSA style, complete with a Basitar and Guitbass!!!  Check out their newly-revamped website.  www.momosite.nl

05/23/2002 - A cool feature article on Chris appears in TapeOp magazine, Volume 29!  What's TapeOp Magazine???  Go Here (www.tapeop.com) and find out.  If you are interested in recording, and live in the US, you'd be a fool not to subscribe, BECAUSE IT IS FREE!!!  (Cover shot below.)

cbtapeop29.JPG (19720 bytes)

02/26/2002 - Would you believe...  A video
02/16/2002 - A whomper of an update from chris... Sampladelic!

01/29/2002 - As usual, we're moving pretty slow on the updates...   the good news is Chris is very busy making music for you to enjoy!!!  (Details will follow...)

12/2001 - Thanks to Chris, we're putting the Chris back in Christmas!!!!  Happy Holidays, folks! Chris Ballew has written an exclusive Christmas song for Chris.Ballew.net called "Christmas Time is Here"! Christmas songs by Chris have become a tradition over the years, including "Christmas Piglet", "Tiny Christmas" and "Cloudy Cloud"! Now that tradition finally continues with the first and last official new Chris recording of the year 2001! To boot, it's our first peek into Chris' new sound and his new digital studio!


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Wanna know what happened before this?  Go to the Update archive.


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In order to fully experience chris.ballew.net, you should download the "Sharpie Stylie" font, penned by Chris' friend, Mark Sandman, of Morphine. Chris is working on his own font, but for now: Sharpie for pc -or- (sorry, we lost the MAC font).  See the credits page for more font info.

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