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SUbSET Featured in an MTV Documentary


This was discovered by our very dedicated Webmaster TOM:


The show was an MTV documentary on 'one-hit-wonders' and aired on Saturday 10/16/99 at 8:30 PM and again Sunday 10/17/99 at 12 noon.  (IF you missed it, do not dismay, as MTV loves reruns!)

The show featured various one-hit-wonders, and did little 'where are they now' bits on each.  The one-hit-wonder they interviewed was none other than Sir-Mix-a-Lot.  They interviewed Mix, then go on to show what he's up to... SUbSET!  Then they did a quick interview in Mix's home studio, with Mix, Chris Ballew and Dave Dederer.  Some cool footage of Chris recording vocals for the SUbSET song 'We Can't Stop Us'.

We'll try to add more about this later...

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