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So, this is it... The moment you've all been waiting for!  I'm hanging out at the show, the first band is on, and who ventures out from behind the yellow tape?  Chris!  I book over and introduce myself, and after a short moment, he puts it all together and realizes who I am.chris.jpg (69983 bytes)  I had recently sent him a tape with a version of "Twig in the Wind" on it that FOG had done.  The extended porn wah wah version!  It's on the FOG music page if you want to hear it.  Chris was very cool, told me he, Dave, and Jason had listened to it in the car, and said he had to tell Dave that I was there.  

dave.jpg (72225 bytes)A little while later, Dave comes out to say hello.  These guys are the nicest rock stars in the world.  Both Chris and Dave Spent a good 10-20 minutes signing autographs and posing for pics with people. 

I got Chris and Dave to sign a picture of SUbSET for me.  I've put that in the autographs section.

The first band was a local hip-hop band, Source of Labor.  They were very good.  Then SUbSET hit the stage...

subset1.jpg (55023 bytes)

Here's the Setlist:

  Song Titles
??? = unsure title
(in most cases the line-up was this: Mix - Lead vocal; Mike Singleton, Backup vocal; Chris - Bass, Backup vocal; Dave - Guitar, Backup vocal; Jason - Drums.  I'll try to indicate variations.
0 Surf Intro This was an amazing little piece of instrumental music.  Chris and Jason laying down a cool beat, Dave layering reverbed surf Guitar over the top.  Crushing Descending  chords in the chorus.
1 Something Wicked Mix appears.  This song (about a greedy prostitute) builds and builds.
2 Blood From a Stone About Mix's problems with the IRS.  Chris shares the lead vocals on this one, and it sounds as if he wrote the parts he was singing.
3 ???She Wants You??? A very groovy, and very funny tune about picking up women.
4 Beach Rats Another funny one, very catchy chorus, and even catchier outro "Ride that Beach Rat, Ride Mix Ride!"
5 What the Hell A song about getting Drunk, passing out and waking up.  Chris on Piano, sharing lead vocals, Dave on bass.  Lots of Ballew influences in this song, melodically and lyrically.  This is a slow song with great piano parts.  Chris, mix and Mike really get the crowd into this one.
6 Skinnin and Grinnin Another song about getting drunk.  They should reverse the order of these two songs, because they could tell a story that way.
7 We Can't Stop Us I think this one is autobiographical about SUbSET.  It is a rocking tune that builds and builds much like "Something Wicked".  There's a little part in here that Chris sings, "So long..." That is very cool, it is like a brief rest in a racing song.
8 Addicted to the Fame Another Autobiographical song, but this one's about Mix and his "Addiction to something green, and it ain't weed".  $$$$$????
9 What Can I lick? In case you didn't guess it, this one's about sex.  Chris is back on the Piano, Dave keeping the beat on the Bass.  Yet another song that is very funny lyrically.  I get the impression that Chris and Mix's senses of humor compliment each other well.  Chris' talent on the Piano really shines through here.
10 ???Farmer John??? A Pseudo-cover of a song I've heard Neil Young do.  This is quite possibly the first ever Rap/Country fusion ever done in the music world.  Chris sings the familiar chorus "Farmer John, I'm in love with your Daughter..." while Dave plays the country twang over the top.  Mike and Mix insert the Rap verses while Chris, Dave and Jason lay down a thumping beat.  It is amazing how good this sounds.
11 Ribby Rib The original version of this  song is on the Caspar Tape!  This is quite different from the original, though.  Chris does most of the vocals, Mix has a rap section in there.  The chorus is re-worked, adding the "Together now", "pump pump, Pump Pump".  Go to the Sounds page to hear both versions.  Look in the "Song evolution" part at the bottom.
12 ???Can you Get On Up??? Dave remarks, "There was a little debate as to which of the two songs (we don't know) we should play, so I think we should play both of them."  Mix says, "Gimme some of that ZZ TOP shit."  Dave rips out "La Grange", and off they go.  A completely different song from "La Grange" but with that familiar riff in the background.  Mike takes lead in most of this one.  Mix remarks in the middle, "you know this is live, we're making it up as we go."  It Rocks!!
13 Cruisin' They said they wrote this one at 1 am the night before, in the practice basement.  It does not show.  Chris is back to the Piano, Dave on the Bass.  A cool laid back slow one with a Jazzy feel to it.  Toward the end Mix shouts out various local areas where he's "Cruisin", the crowd loves it.

subset2.jpg (76237 bytes)Let me tell you, the boys rocked.  Everyone was on their feet from the beginning of the show.  There were even a couple of tunes where Chris did the lead Vocal.  On many songs, Chris would play keyboard, and Dave would play the bass.subset3.jpg (64282 bytes)  So anyhow, a good time was had by all, and especially by me.  I'm sure it is just a matter of time before these guys sign up with a label and release a SUbSET recording for the world to hear.  tee.jpg (18376 bytes)There were SUbSET t-shirts available at the show, here's the design.

So, you've read all this and you're really pissed you didn't go?  Follow this link to a great SUbSET site, where you can find THE WHOLE SHOW up on RealAudio!!!

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