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Maxwell's 9/7/01

Maxwell's 9/7/01

Chris and Tad ROK the Right Coast!

On September 7th, 2001 Webmaster Q traveled from DC to Hoboken, NJ to meet up with "The Grape" (of the PUSA mailing list) and catch the Chris and Tad show...  Q warned Chris that he and Grape would be attending.  Upon arrival at maxwell's, Q and Grape walked through the door to find Chris and Tad seated in the restaurant part of maxwell's, waiting for their entrees.  Chris spotted Q (maybe it was the glare from Q's head, but most likely the Subset T-shirt was a big help.)  Chris was very gracious, thanking the guys for coming, and added Q and Grape's name to the guest list. 

There were very few fans in attendance, but C+T still Rocked the house...  These guys are as much fun to watch as they are to listen to.  Throughout the show, Tad's "Children's Kit" was in some form of disarray, things falling over, falling apart, upside down,CB_Multi.JPG (29037 bytes) sideways etc.  The ride cymbal would alternately be either up or practically on the floor, where Chris would just kick it when needed.  they soon won over the crowd with the infectious pop songs and goofy stage antics.  Chris would alternate between his vintage Silvertone guitar and his trusty "orgatron 1", a customized Korg keyboard.  At one point he noted the fact that he was using a magazine rack for a keyboard stand, because they wouldn't let him bring the stand on the plane. (Trying hard not to make an aliyah joke here...) During PNW bloo, he  managed to play both the guitar and the keyboard by poking at the keys with the headstock of his guitar, as seen in the photo to the right.  

Tad's kit was the epitome of the scaled-down drum kit, consisting of a 15" kick drum, a teeny snare and Tad_Kit.JPG (31865 bytes)tom, an equally teeny floor tom, a pretty standard looking ride cymbal, and some completely trashed hi hats.  During "I got the Bloo", he played the drums with a pair of plastic maracas that were tied together with string, which made for all sorts of antic opportunities.  The maracas were entangled about and throughout most every drum on his kit.  a extra special effect was brought about by placing the floor tom, upside down, on top of the rack tom, and playing the bottom of the floor tom with the maracas (lots of tangling amongst the legs of the floor tom.)

CB_Floor.JPG (40968 bytes)

Probably the best part of the stage antics was during the finale/breakdown of PNW Bloo.  Chris grabbed the Orgatron from the Magazine rack, jumped off the stage, put the keyboard on the floor, and proceeded to lie spread eagle, prone on the floor, all the while playing away...


Q_and_Chris.JPG (32028 bytes)After their set, Chris and Tad handed out copies of "Hand me That Door" to the fans at the bar, and Basically hung out in the bar for a half hour or so, chatting with friends and fans.  Chris filled Q in on all the latest goings on in the Ballew musical world, which will be included in the next update.  Grape snapped a shot of Chris and Q To add to the site, here it is....




Setlist (or what Q recalls of it...  in no particular order)


Shelby Jenkins
(new song...  something about a monkey?)
Jilted on the Tarmac
I Got The Bloo
Film Party
Stay With Me
Bread and Butter
PNW Bloo

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