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Princeton Tower Club

Princeton Tower Club
Charlotte, NC
2003 Celebrate Fairfax
Capitol Hill Block Party

PUSA ROK the Ivy League, Princeton Tower Club, Princeton, NJ (5/4/03)





Sal, Grape, and Jim (3 of the lucky guest list winners) sent along some comments, etc.

i was there, met the band, took some pics, nabbed the setlist, pooped my pants... i can die happy now. more details and stuff coming to the newly revamped pusa page formerly known as "yoda1128's pusa page" now.... THE LOVE DELICATESSEN. rok.



Grape's setlist and commentary: 

Set list (please excuse spelling and mis-titles - I never look at the


Kickout The Jams

Bole Weavil

Super Nova/Baby You're A Rcih Man

Drooling At You From Here (new song)

Naked & Famous


Video Killed The Radio Star

Sweet Emotion (couple of bars to goof on the Aerosmith Cover band on

the next lawn over)

Lunatic To Love


Useless Crushes on Fabulous Redheads (new song)

Old Man on the Back Porch

Jilted on the Tarmack

Dune Buggy

Short Wave (new song)


Froggie Jumped all over the Stage

Mach V







Problems (Sex Pistols song)

Tiki God

Candy Cigarette (NOT - they don;t know it anymore)

Texas Highway Forever (new song)


We're Not Gonna Make it


Dave says "Truly Genuinely Fun" and they all looked like they were

having a great time.


oh yeah - IT WAS AMAZINGLY GREAT!!!!!!


Thanks Q


Grape (now I can die in peace or a pizza or something).

A follow-up from Grape:


The new songs rocked pretty well. Chris ate a Jello shot and dave said "You couldn't get me to eat one of those for a million dollars - you don't know what they put in those"

A rambunxious woman came on stage and meowed during Kitty. I think Dave kissed her on the lips or visa versa as she left the stage.

The crowd was really into the show - much more than I expected. They responded well to the hits. I never knew how big Peaches was. Chris was singing "Hoagies" instead of "Peaches" for one of the verses.

The club members were throwing Jello shots off the roof to the crowd at some point (maybe during or before Peaches)

Stranger was a request from a girl names Tesla. They tried to do Candy Cigarette as a request, but didn't remember it.

I thought they were tight, but they said they hadn't learned some of the new songs and they had screwed them up.




Some photos from Jim, another guest list winner:

jwx16.jpg (51742 bytes)
PUSA, kickin' out the Jams...
jwx7.jpg (85715 bytes)
A nice shot of the venue, The Tower Club, Princeton, NJ

check out the peeps on the roof!

jwx1.jpg (45087 bytes)
Are these guys into it or what?
jwx12.jpg (52070 bytes)
This one was snapped during "Useless Crushes (on Fabulous Redheads)"
DCP_0050.JPG (75229 bytes)

Chris, getting into the college spirit...  Jello Shots anyone?

DCP_0062.JPG (74887 bytes)

A good look at Chris' 2-string Basitar.

DCP_0063.JPG (75891 bytes)

Two fabulous redheads?

DCP_0073.JPG (74976 bytes)

This girl got to do the "meows" in "Kitty"!...

DCP_0080.JPG (75908 bytes)


DCP_0103.JPG (81381 bytes)

An even better Basitar close-up.

DCP_0047.JPG (75197 bytes)

Is Dave looking a little like someone from the "Village People"

DCP_0029.JPG (74664 bytes)

While we're goofing on appearances..., does Chris look like Rick Nielson?

(And Jason makes some great faces...)

DCP_0104.JPG (76754 bytes)

Bye now...

more photos to come...


Thanks Jim!




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