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Charlotte, NC

Princeton Tower Club
Charlotte, NC
2003 Celebrate Fairfax
Capitol Hill Block Party


RoK and rain in Charlotte 


(a scrapbook of the Charlotte  show, provided by Hans, who attended the show with his brother, Tom)


Alabamahapyface.JPG (167740 bytes)

Pusa just rokin!

HAnd of GOD.JPG (81892 bytes)

chris doing the famous ROK sign
Hans's Cali Pic-PUSA.jpg (1686586 bytes)

what's a scrapbook 
without an autograph?
PUSA-HighJump.jpg (354156 bytes)

Chris does an Air Jordan
PusamedJUmp.jpg (458440 bytes)

Not as much air here,
but cool FX
DaveKikin'it..jpg (539610 bytes)

Dave, kickin' it
scan0001.jpg (376216 bytes)

Tom and Hans 
(This scrapbook is entirely
contributed by Tom and Hans)
JP1.JPG (18500 bytes)

Hans, Dave and Tom
JP2.JPG (25739 bytes)

Hans, Chris and Tom
(note slightly droopy 
ChrisBallew.net ROK!


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