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Capitol Hill Block Party

Princeton Tower Club
Charlotte, NC
2003 Celebrate Fairfax
Capitol Hill Block Party

PUSA (with substitute drummer) ROK the Block (7/12/03)

a fan review posted to the pusa email list...

...I got there

around five, watched a couple of the bands before PUSA. Nothing too

exciting..After the band before them was finished, I grabbed my

friend and pulled him through the crowd to get a spot right next to

the stage. I ended up right next to the speakers on the right side.

Round eight they started setting up...hehe the funniest thing.

The 'setup crew' comes out wearing big ole long mullet wigs, fake

mustashes, hats and sunglasses..It was so blatently obvious it was

Chris, Dave, and Mike ^_^. Pretty funny.

The show was awesome, as all of you know who have seen em live. Jason

was 'backstage', if that's what you could call it..it was a pretty

small stage. Lots of moshing going on, people throwing elbows..I got

someone dropped on my head, and slammed into the stage a few times,

but there was no way I was moving! Setlist..hmm..well, most of there

stuff was from the self titled album and II..with the exception

of 'Video Killed the Radio

Star', 'Highway', 'Jilted', 'Problems'....hmm. i think that was it.

oh! and 'Poke and Distroy' (my new fave PUSA song!) I had Dave on my

side, and he did a lotta playing out into the crowd..I have a few

pics of him like, hovering right over me and jamming! Whoo! It was an

awesome show...wow, I'm still glowing!

Only thing that made me a little mad was the fact that I had my eyes

on Dave's setlist that was taped to the stage...I wanted it so bad!

But, the guy who ALSO got Dave's extra pick was louder..so that

sucked. Afterwards the stage crew threw the wigs out into the

crowd...I didn't get one of those, either. But I DID get to shake

Chris's hand!! Yay! I was (and still am) starstruck.. :P Too bad I

had to wash my hands today for work, I would have never washed

it!...well, maybe after awhile. :)

Well.....I've never really written a review before, so I guess that's

about it. The show was great..It's been about four years since I last

saw them at La Luna in Seattle, when they were touring for II..I'm

happy to finally have gotten to see them again! If anyone has any

questions or wants any elaborations feel free to ask, since I'm just

rambling on and on and probly let out a bunch of stuff. That's it for

now, I suppose!








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