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Princeton Tower Club
Charlotte, NC
2003 Celebrate Fairfax
Capitol Hill Block Party

PUSA and Krist Novoselic ROK the Westin, Seattle (4/2/03)


2003 Northwest IMPACT Awards...  What's that?  It was an awards banquet and silent auction benefiting local PNW charities (more info here).  PUSA played with Krist Novoselic (former Nirvana bassist).  Below are some shots from their soundcheck.

DCP02149.JPG (154247 bytes)
PUSA with Krist on a 12 string electric.
DCP02152.JPG (267783 bytes)
Krist singing leads, Chris on Bass.
DCP02153.JPG (225111 bytes)
Dave playing lead guitar.
DCP02154.JPG (154678 bytes)
Hey, that other guy sure was tall...
DCP02151.JPG (261780 bytes)
Intense concentration.
DCP02158.JPG (247216 bytes)
It was really hard to get Jason in the shot...

DCP02163.JPG (194924 bytes)
Chris singing a Sex Pistols cover "Problems".  This one rocked in soundcheck, I can only imagine that the performance was outstanding.



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