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It's True!!!

A new PUSA Video, for "Nuthin but Luv":


Check it out!!!  A video for "nuthin but luv" !!!  Sent to us by Tom Huang, an Independent Filmmaker...

The storyline has "our hero" the ultimate PUSA fan, who is planning to attend the FOAS "World Tour" concert...

image8.jpg (51871 bytes) ...he's a REALLY BIG fan  (hehe, I couldn't resist)... image9.jpg (52861 bytes) check out all this PUSA stuff....


image10.jpg (56570 bytes)  so, he skips off to the concert, imagining what a rocking good time he's gonna have, image11.jpg (64756 bytes)only to be denied by the bouncers...he tries everything he can think of, including ninja tactics image2.jpg (63696 bytes) and a clever Ben Kenobi disguise...image12.jpg (55557 bytes) the bouncers don't budge, and "our hero" breaks down and criesimage5.jpg (58399 bytes)  the bouncers feel sorry for him, let him in, he rocks out, then passes out...image7.jpg (30788 bytes)


GREAT work, Tom!!!


Downloads (dunno if the server can handle a stream, but if you right click and save as...) then you've got yourself a copy to watch over and over!!!)

WMV Format - 6,657KB
WMV Format - 2,104KB
QuickTime - 11,786KB
QuickTime - 4,625KB




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