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February 2002 - Sampladelic!!!

Chris sent us An Update, here's 99% of it...


OK....well here is the update for the first part of 2002.....
    The big news is that my style has taken a left turn and veered off the road crashed through the flimsy guardrail careened off a treacherous cliff and landed in a fertile swamp of endless possibilities. Get it ? No? Well, I have been diving BACK into the world of loops beats turntables samples monophonic synthesizers top heavy bass lines and so on. I used to be all into this kind of stuff years and years ago before the Presidents clicked. Then for the last three years or so I tried to continue with the verse chorus verse guitar bass drums school of thought and it was satisfying but something was definitely fundamentally wrong for me. I liked bits and pieces of the songs and recordings but got easily bored and felt  that somehow I was working in black and white in terms of the range of sounds I was using. Now I am doing field recordings and buying old vinyl and hiring actors to read lyrics to beats recording my children telling stories and layering 2 or 3 bass lines and jumbling ALL my interests and influences into one sound. I call it SAMPLADELIC. It feels like I am FINALLY home....finally working in a way that offers all the variety and texture that I love. AND I dance all over the room and bounce off the walls to the the stuff I am making rather than sit there and wonder what is missing.
    I can also collaborate in new ways...like calling distant friends and having them jam for 20 minutes into a cassette and send it to me and I can cut it up and hang it on a beat and suddenly I have a new sound to play with. A lot easier than forming and unforming a band every time I get bored. Sir-Mix-Alot and I are exchanging tracks and ideas for collaborating and Tad and I have worked on some jams. I also have plans to involve other friends like Robyn Hitchcock for vocals Kim Thayil for guitars Krist Noveselic for bass lines and so on. I am doing a piece with Shane Speal a homemade instrument maker that I have gotten to know on the internet. He sent me a one string cigar box bass years ago that he made and recently he sent me 4 cassettes full of his instrumental rambling that I will sift through and mine for riffs.
    I FEEL LIBERATED!!!! Mostly liberated from the vague distracted feeling that I am on the wrong track with music. I am going back through all the songs I wrote in the last 3 years and mining them for the bits and pieces that I like and trimming all the fat away an tossing it out. I know that you have heard the "EUREKA!" thing from me before but this is such a different feeling...not a desperate attempt to fix a broken machine but a whole new operating system. New technology new approach new result.

    Cds in my heavy rotation at the moment include:
Mr. Dibbs "Live in Memphis"...unbelievable free sampling of pop culture
The Avalanches "Since I Left You"...kinda disco but "Frontier Psychiatrist" is a marvel of story telling
Dj Spooky "Under the Influence"...mix cd of tracks he likes or has touched
R.L.Burnside "Come On In"  "Wish I Was in Heaven Sittin Down"..old blues man and young computers
Stock Haussen and Walkman "Organ Transplants"...cut and paste organ classics
Fatboy Slim "Better Living Through Chemistry"...first record nice and raw
Dimitri from Paris "Live from the Playboy Mansion"..still getting into this one disco but with a wink and nod
The Busy Signals "Babys First Beats"...great samples kinda weak vocals but strong overall
and the list goes on....

    Chris and Tad are still at it but at a snails pace as far as being a band goes. We play every once in a while and it is so much fun. Lots of improvising and unpredictable set lists costumes and breakdowns. We are still writing for movies and TV and we have alot of deals pending at the moment so I wont go into them all..couple of movies and TV adds.
    All others are stalled and I don't mind. Subset almost got an offer to finish our record then in classic Subset style it all fell apart. PUSA is getting the rights to Freaked back since the record company went belly up a few months ago.
    So I am still getting my footing with this new sound and I have made about 30 sampladelic jams and I am still trying things out and seeing what works and what doesnt. I have sent out a CD of 22 things to about 10 people whos opinions I trust and value and then on to editing and hopefully finding a way to release it...


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